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20-8-2018 - Nota sobre Kenya

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"Dear members of Asoka,

Almost two years ago we adopted your cat "Kenya" via "Animal Help Espania" (http://asokaelgrande.org/ficha-5458). She lived before with another family in Germany, but she had to leave because she didn’t use the cat litter box. Nevertheless, we adopted her and successfully treated her proctitis. Until today we made very good progress in teaching her to use the litter box without any fears. It’s not perfect now, but she improves every single day – and she is really clever!

Meanwhile she is again a playful, cheeky little cat that gives us pleasure every day. If she could, she would chase and catch balls all day. At night she sleeps on my bedspread in our bed, when it is cooler outside (< 15 degrees), also under the blanket. When I reach home at the evening, she is already waiting with the other cats at the door and cheeps! She meows only if she wants something (but then immediately!). Despite her 3.5 years she is still very small and graceful and flits through the apartment all day. She is our only cat, which is still lying in the sun even at high temperatures and enjoys the heat.

She now lives in the south of Germany, only a few kilometers from Lake Constance. We still have two male cats and another female cat, all indoor-only. I'll send you some newer photos of her.

I would like to thank you for helping the animals. Thanks to you we can give this wonderful cat with its unique character a home.

Best regards"

¡Estamos muy contentos de tener buenas noticias de Kenya, y de saber que está tan bien!

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