Asoka Association needs volunteers. Each volunteer can do different thinghs in our association:


Cares in the cages, cleaning and walks,to give medical treatments for those animals who need it, to attend to people who visit us, to control the animals’ cards, and so on.


Making or handing out of posters.
Selling of lottery,T-shirts,calendars and so on.
To provide blankets for the dogs (from family, neighbours, friends).
 To gain members,godparents and even adoptions.
Taking and/or bringing dogs to the veterinarian, hairdresser’s or even to the airport for the journey of those dogs which have been adopted in foreign countries.

Monitoring of adopted dogs or visits to possible adoptives.
Taking dogs in at home temporarily because of certain reasons ( puppies fed by baby’s bottle, operation and so on).
Some dogs need a special care in certain circumstances.
Although not frequently, we would occasionally need someone who could take in a dog at home temporarily.Obviously, Asoka would pay everything, even the transport.If this is your case, get in touch with us, please, or provide us your telephone/mobile number or even your mail and we will phone you.
Do not think about your sorrow for returning the dog to the hostel. Think about what you did for that animal. You are facilitating his/her adoption and even his/her quality of life.

There are many different things you can do for them.Whatever help will be welcome. You can also provide us suitable ideas for collecting some money for the construction of our new hostel.

Application to become a volunteer

Telephone number: 625 589 522 y 625 589 523
E-mail : asokaelgrande@gmail .com