Many people realize that adopting pets is not only a responsibility but is has a lot of benefits as well. Their therapeutic effect has remained demonstrated in infinite occasions, specially dogs and cats are the most demanding for treating persons with deficiencies, both physical and psychic, for the sedative and soothing effect that they produce. The domestic animals are very well gifted to replace these lacks or needs.

We would like to inform about the benefits that contribute children, elders and in general to all of us.

In general the children shows a great curiosity and interest for animals. If, from the infancy, they take care of their pets (to feed, to walk, to brush, to take them to the vet ...), beside receiving unconditional love and discovering a great companion of games, they develop a great capacity of responsibility and of discipline, which they will never forget and which they will be able to apply in many other activities their life.

The elder persons receive of the animals the affection and the company that they need to continue living with illusion. They improve notably the autoesteem, develop feelings of pity, patience and confidence. To have a pet forces them to make exercise, to be responsible for an animal when they have remained alone and, especially, it helps them to relate and support the contact with other persons.

In any case, the animals give us constant lessons of love, fondness, friendship, value, patience, company and desire of living through the life. But especially, it is an unbreakable loyalty, which makes them the so unique and unrepeatable and worthy of all our respect and consideration.

Definitively, the persons who adopt a pet, experience an improvement of the quality of life.

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