Meet us

Asoka El Grande is an independent and non-profit association legally consituted, financially supported by members-ship and donantions. The aims are: denounce the abandon and mistreatment of the animals, promote the defense of the same ones and to manage a Center of Adoption.

Asoka El Grande considers fundamental the problem of the abandoned animals. Every year thousands of animals are left in the streets. The majority of the abandons take place in vacations time, when families go on holiday and they do not know that to do with the pets. Regrettable, they choose to abandon them to their luck. The number of abandoned pets increases year after year.
Although, the legislation for the protection of  pets exist . unfortunately the punishment for this crime is so scarce that it doesn’t prevent the people  who mistreat an animal to relapse into the same conduct.

The functioning of Asoka El Grande is based to extend indefinitely the minimal period of stay fixed by the law for the abanonded animals. The pets will stay in the shelter up to the appearance of their owners or up to an adoption by responsible people, who will be an object of a follow-up from the members of the Association.

The pets that come to Asoka El Grande receive treatment, exercise, hygienic and sanitary necessary. No pet is sacrificed, except for humanitarian reasons, like the ones who suffer terminal illnesses, congenital malformations that prevent them to have a normal development and life or, those that they have suffered serious accidents and do not have possibility of healing. Only in these cases they are sacrificed without suffering for the animal and always according to veterinary criterion.

In our shelter all the animals have their life and future assured, but the ideal thing is to find a family for them to be able to receive a second opportunity. Anually we give shelter and support to approximately 70 animals, for many of them we manage to find a new home, but others continue with us year after year. For those, we want to encourage everyone to realize the problem of the abandon, in order to help us to promote the possibility of the adoption, as a first option, instead of buying a pet.

In  addition , Asoka El Grande, promotes  other actions, since they try to make aware the gravity of the abandons and the responsibility that implies the possession of a pet.