What is support Protection?

It costs little and you help very much

It is possible that you are an animal lover, but that you have decided not to adopt one, for several reasons:

-    You already have too many animals at home, but you want to help find a home for other pets just like yours.
-    You are not at home most of the time and cannot give them the affection they need.
-    Your children want to have an animal, but you are not convinced because you never had a pet, or you think that there is too much obligation.
-    You live in a rented flat and are not allowed to have animals.
-    You live with your parents and they don’t want to have an animal at home.
-    You are allergic to the hair of the animals.
-    Other reasons...

It could be a solution for you to support a pet, but the animal will remain with us. You would pay for their maintenance (food, veterinary assistance, etc.) and we would take care of them.

To support a pet, will turn you into a fosterparent, you would have a link with the mascot while the protection lasts or until an adoption. You can come to see them when you want, can call us anytime to know how it goes, and we can even make photos for you. This support of the protection is always transitory, that is to say, to attend to their more immediate vital needs (food and health) until they find a home. In this case, you can be pleased for their luck, and you have the right to continue the support with another mascot that you can choice.

The quota to be a fosterparent is around 60 Euros per year which would make it 5 Euros / month,  you can also subscribe for half-yearly form (30 euros/6 months).

I support!  

You can also send your information to our e-mail:

IBAN : ES87 3058 2596 9228 1001 0640 BIC : CCRIES2A