Why choose a puppy? Why choose a pure breed dog? Such choices are really for those that base their lives around top brands and the cold culture of superficial beauty. Dogs that are ´in fashion´ are really only for those that want to show-off in front of their friends and family and have in reality little to do with the dog itself.

 If you really are a lover of dogs and want to help then there is no better choice to make than an old, lonely and abandoned dog. A dog that perhaps was once a key part of a loving family only for the owner or owners to die and the remaining family members to choose to simply throw the dog away as if it were an old piece of furniture!! This is normally accompanied by the poor excuse that the remaining family members aren´t ´dog people´ whatever that means, or worse that the dog no longer serves for hunting, despite being a loyal and effective hunting dog for many years before and now is simply just getting old. To help a dog that might not win a beauty contest but would definitely win the title of most affectionate companion would result in a loyal friend that would follow you to the end of the earth if it had too! A dog that doesn´t care what age you have, whether you are black or white or whether you are even a millionaire, this dog will love you all the same. All they want is someone to love them and be with them now that they are old.

Are you not going to choose them purely because they have 5- 8 years already? Surely these are the very dogs that deserve a loving home more than any other abandoned dog??

In ASOKA we take care of these special cases whose lives have been turned upside-down and we try to move on and forget the poor treatment and suffering many have had in the past. However, this task is made all the more difficult without normal dog loving folk offering their homes for such cases.

Remember, they have no other option at this stage only the hope that one day someone like you reading this message, arrives and gives them a well deserved loving home for the rest of lives.











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