Silvan was seen roaming around the forest, near Crevillente, approaching to the cottages and looking for some food or drink. Some people fed him but others kicked him so as to go away there.
Someone told us this poor dog was in horrible conditions and it was necessary to look for a veterinarian for him.

When Silvan arrived at our hostel our veterinarian was already waiting for him to see the dog. His state was so desperate that our vet was emptying and cleaning the pus injuries around his face and eyes for several hours. His eyes could not be seen because of a great infection.His face and even his head was highly inflamed. It was terrible and sad observing him.


 Since 22nd July, Silvan has been treated and he is receiving all the necessary vet cares so as to recover. Now he feels better and we can even see his eyes!

Why are this kind of dogs only used when they work well to the hunters?
Don’t they deserve to be treated well because of their loyalty and faithfulness having been useful to hunt?

Everyday we get a clearer meaning of the concept  “HUNTERS”:
They support these dogs while they work well.After it;
In the best of the cases, they take their dogs to the veterinarian to put down them. Others abandon them to their fate. Others shoot them and the cruelest ones hang them from a tree.

Will this horrible cruelty end in Spain with hunter dogs?
Isn’t there a minimal conscience, sensitivity on behalf of politicians to control all these atrocities?

OF COURSE! It is difficult to end with it if many of them are HUNTERS!!!



SILVAN has already been with us for 10 days.